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Grand Finale at the French Championship 2019!

The French Championship of aerobatic flying took place at Chateroux Villers between the 15-19th of August 2019. Fanny Viallard on her Extra 200 aircraft finished the competition on an UNBELIEVABLE second place at only 0.75% behind the military pilot Denis Goeffrey on his Extra 330 aircraft. Fanny obtained the 7th place at the Known program, the 7th place at the Unknown program and an astonishing 1st place on the Free program, which meant the silver medal in the general standings and the first place in the women category. With this result Fanny qualified to the National 1 level and into the French National Team! Michael Schumacher once said "once something is a passion, the motivation is there". As we proudly look back to the last year and a half we see Fanny getting podium after podium and climbing her way from Espoir to Promotion to National 2 level and now straight into the small circle of champions of one of the most spectacular sports, that pushes both the body and mind beyond any thinkable limits. We congratulate Fanny for her achievement and we look with admiration to her coaches Said Hadid and Jean Joseph!


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