At Saberg Clinical Research, we are commited to providing cutting-edge medical research.

We focus on what truly matters.

Our medical research group is dedicated to developing new therapies for the patients who need them. As a valued partner in our Sponsor’s medical research, we work closely with the Sponsor, helping develop straightforward scientific solutions and custom-tailored protocols. We focus on providing high-quality research, with zero tolerance for unnecessary extras that only raise costs. This approach has led to a long track record of successful trials and is one of the main reasons our sponsors trust us with their research.


When you work with us, you work closely with a dedicated team who will strive to make your project a success.

We have extensive scientific knowledge and experience.​​

Our medical and clinical operations team consists of physicians (MDs) and clinical scientists (MD/PhDs) who specialize in the areas of clinical research that we offer our Sponsors. Our vast experience with both basic and clinical science allows us to design and execute the ideal clinical research project. To complement our in-house expertise, we also work closely with key opinion leaders around the globe, thereby giving our sponsors direct access to an unparalleled level of scientific guidance and support. ​​

​We take a modern approach to clinical research.​

In today’s rapidly changing world, early-phase drug development plays an increasing role in the economy of the drug development process as a whole. To stay ahead of the curve, we design and perform state-of-the-art clinical trials, including proof-of-pharmacology trials and “umbrella” studies, thereby providing the earliest indications of efficacy safety. For phase II and phase III clinical trials, we use a variety of highly efficient strategies, including innovative statistical techniques, study designs, and—as needed—risk-based monitoring.

We believe that open, rapid and efficient communication is a key factor to achieving success.

We provide assistance with site selection.

Because we understand our Sponsors’ products and needs, we can select the ideal investigational site for each trial, ensuring that the site’s staff has a proven track record of quality, integrity, and meeting deadlines and milestones. When recommending the sites we also take into account all relevant national and local regulatory requirements and submission timelines.

​We openly and efficiently communicate with our Sponsors and our partners.

We believe that open, rapid and efficient communication is a key factor to achieving success. At Saberg Clinical Research, we are always available to discuss the needs of our Sponsors, partners, investigators, and site staff, regardless of the location or time zone. Our company structure allows us to quickly provide solutions to any issues that arise, giving our Sponsors and research partners peace of mind.


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Saberg Clinical Research is a ​​​​trade name of InterEuropa Clinical Research BV

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