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Saberg Clinical Research is proud to announce a sponsorship agreement with French aerobatic pilot Fa

Domène, The Hague – January 7th, 2018

“I flew for the first time together with a friend of my family when I was 6 years old. At 13 I could already fly a plane, at 16 I obtained my pilot license and at 18 I started performing aerobatics. At 19, in 2017, I participated in the Cup South France. Today, I have ambitious plans for the coming years: completing all aerobatic levels up to the top (Espoir – Promotion – National 2 – National 1 – Excellence – Elite). For 2018 my target is to qualify up to the National 2 level. In parallel with flying I am also studying at the Aeronautic School in Grenoble” explained Fanny Viallard.

Sandrin Bergheanu, CEO at Saberg Clinical Research added that “analogies between clinical medical research and aviation have been made consistently in the past years and the reasons were mostly related to the similar ways of dealing with risk and ensuring the safety of all those involved. At Saberg Clinical Research we also stand for dedication, ambition and precision in our work just as it is required for aerobatic pilots to achieve performance. We are proud to be able to join Fanny in her journey towards the top, literally and figuratively, as we are sure she will develop her immense talent and put in all the hard work needed. We will all feel the adrenaline with every competition Fanny participates in as we will share her breathtaking images with you on our website and social media.”

For an astonishing demonstration in Cup South France 2017 click here

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